Working Hours

8am-8pm Monday to Friday.

Project turn around time between 4 hours to 7 Calendar days.



10% off for bulk orders.

20% off mastering as a record label engineer.

Only 1 discount per service.


File Format

Please send files via wetransfer.

I recommend Wav files at a 24bit depth with -6db headroom. Same sample rate as the project.

If you use plugins on the master channel please export a version without.



Prices include VAT.

Invoices are to be paid within 7 calendar days by bank transfer or Paypal.

Late payments will incur a €15 surcharge.

After 2 late payments you will have to pay fees in advance for future services.


Amendments & Admin

1st amendments list free. This refers to my work, not revised tracks.

Revised tracks, further amendments & administration tasks are charged at €25 per hour.


Projects & Exports

Projects will be backed up for 1 year after completion.

You may take the project files for a €70 surcharge.

Extra exports from those stated will be charged at €7 per export.


Royalties, Publishing & Copyright

I do not take royalties from digital or mechanical sales.

If I am a writer on the project I will take an equal split of publishing between the people involved unless I'm ghost writing.

Writers own copyright.

Credits & Ghost Writing

Relevant credits must be written in release metadata for sales distribution and publishing.

For "ghost writing" please get in contact.



Cancelations incur a €20 charge.

After 2 cancelations you will have to pay fees in advance for future services.